The 2006 Photo-of-the-Week Page

        Talking to my friend Eddie a few days ago...suggested we try the photo-a-week again. Eddie agreed, saying, "At least it's not like the Marine Corps, we can always quit.” Soooo, with that beginning, here is my attempt. The rules are simple. Starting Sunday, April 29th, and every Sunday thereafter, we have to post a photo. I think the original photo-a-week suggested or at least implied....a GOOD photo each week. Hey, I'll settle for posting something……………

Photo-A-Week: Weeks one through twelve

Photo-A-Week: Weeks thirteen through twenty-four

Photo-A-Week: Weeks twenty-five through thirty-six   

Photo-A-Week: Weeks thirty-seven through forty-eight   

Photo-A-Week: Weeks forty-nine through fifty-two   

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