The International Jen Chin Wakdork Wellness Center

What is Jen Chin Wakdork?

   Jen Chin Wakdork is the synthesis of centuries-old Eastern acupressure and life force energy therapies. One of the primary concerns of the therapy is bringing the chi into harmony. Chi can best be described as the universal natural energy of the universe. Each of us as individuals also has our chi, our own life-force energies.
   The body is made up millions and millions of atoms and cells all of which interact with each other. When the interactions are degraded because of physical, emotional, or psychic pathologies, the chi becomes compromised and the well being of the body is thrown out of harmony as the life-force energies are diminished and thrown into a state of disorganization.
   Jen Chin Wakdork recognizes that when the body is under attack the body’s natural rhythm gets out of synch and the energies become blocked, diverted, and disorganized and the body’s natural abilities to fight off illness is diminished. When this happens the body enters a state of disharmony and many maladies and ailments may come into being, and those already present can increase in intensity.
   While there are many energy manipulation and therapy techniques available, Jen Chin Wakdork offers a quick, noninvasive method of bringing the natural harmony back to the body and to restore the body’s natural rhythm.
   Jen Chin Wakdork also addresses the spiritual, emotional, and mental well-being as well as the physical. The basis of Gen Chen Wak Dork is having all spheres of our being in balance.

How Does Jen Chin Wakdork Differ From Other Energy Therapies?

   Jen Chin Wakdork was developed after using, studying, testing and reviewing most of the currently used legitimate energy therapies. Many of the therapies attempt to isolate and identify particular areas of blockages or areas where energy has been diverted, slowed down, or intermittently arrested. The disadvantages of some of these therapies include multiple or lengthy sessions that try to identify each individual energy-compromised area. These therapies generally include touching pressure points to measure and determine energy flow at numerous locations. Not only is this time consuming, it often can cause misinterpretation of the energy strengths and flows, which can lead to a misunderstanding of the needed therapeutic levels of manipulations to restore the harmonic balances of the chi.
   Jen Chin Wakdork energizes and reactivates the entire system with each therapeutic session. The therapeutic sessions typically last from 35 to 65 minutes and the length of the session will depend on the psychic pathology of the energy fields and their corresponding harmonic imbalances.
   The therapeutic process starts with a gentle touching of the left knee and then the right elbow which stimulates the heart and reorganizes the energy paths. The next step is to stimulate and energize the energy centers. This is accomplished by gentling tapping on the right knee which causes the energy to flow throughout the body, while at the same time the practitioner rapidly moves their hands over the body to further disperse the energy. This process balances the chi and restores harmony. During a session this process may be repeated several times as needed.

How Often Should You Have a Therapeutic Session?

   We believe that the path to wellness is best obtained by avoiding as many maladies and discomforts as possible. Toward that end, we recommend regularly scheduled sessions so that you can stay healthy. Too often we only seek help when we have a problem. And remember, you can never have too much energy!
   Each of us has our individual harmony clocks. Some of us, barring a physical trauma, increased stress, or emotional upset, may do well with a session every two months…for others six weeks, and for some maybe once a month. When you initially visit our clinic we recommend a follow-up in one month and during the follow-up visit we should be better able to determine the optimum therapeutic schedule.


Standard office visit…………………………………… $135
At your residence or business……………….... 250
Twice monthly plan……………………………………....... 215
Note: If you can’t come to the office we can arrange therapy sessions with our telephone practitioners. Please call for rates. Please enquire about group and corporate rates……

Also, you may want to consider a Jen Chin Wakdork party held at your home. Please call for rates.

Jen Chin Wakdork Products

Jen Chin Wakdork tea….box of 20…………………… $ 20
Jen Chin Wakdork elixir…a highly energizing mixture of herbs in a pleasant tasting light syrup base..8 ounces........... 35

Note: The herbs and teas used in our products are carefully chosen and can only be found in one mountain range in the Qon Ting province of China. Accept no substitutes; Look for the familiar Jen Chin Wakdork trademark. Both of the above products enhance the therapeutic process and during our clinical trials proved to prolong energy field improvements.

The Way of Jen Chin Wakdork. The definitive work by our esteemed founder. Carefully printed and hand bound at our US Retreat Center in Utah. $ 200

If able, we invite you to join us on a retreat. Our centers are in Utah and China. Rates start at $4000 per week.

Good news for those of you who have asked. Yes, The International Jen Chin Wakdork Wellness Center is currently in discussion with several cruise lines and will soon offer Jen Chin Wakdork getaways on some of the finest cruise ships available.

Training and Certification

For those of you who feel the calling and would like to be Jen Chin Wakdork practitioners, we offer a couple of options, both of which allow you to sit for the Jen Chin Wakdork Boards.

A two year program in basic Jen Chin Wakdork. Classes every weekend. $17,500 annually.

A three month intensive course. Classes meet daily with one day off a month. $13,000.

We also offer several advanced classes which are already filled. Look for announcements for upcoming advanced-class dates.

Cramming for the Jen Chin Wakdork Boards. A study guide to help make your board test easier. $475

Board fee $5,700.

Note: After taking one of the above classes and passing the boards you will be allowed to practice Jen Chin Wakdork and hold yourself out to be a certified Jen Chin Wakdork practitioner. It is mandatory to be a member in good standing of the International Association of Jen Chin Wakdork Practitioners. Annual dues $2,300.   

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