The Family That Races Together....

Some families hunt and fish together, some families play tennis together, some families bowl together...The Brorings race together.

The Brorings, relaxing between track sessions, left to right: Charlie, Tom's wife Carolyn, and brother Tom.

Note: All the photos on this page were taken June 16 and 17, 2001 during the MARRS IV race at Summit Point Raceway.

Practice and Qualifying on Saturday

The nine race groups were each given two track sessions for practice and qualifying for Sunday's race. Everything seemed to be going pretty well for The Brorings until the end of Charlie's first practice session; he came in on the last lap of practice experiencing shifting problems. Carolynís car ran well and she had no mechanical problems.

How in the heck does this thing work? Charlie and Tom working on the transmission.

After a transmission change didn't fix the problem, they had to repair the shifting mechanism. The repairs were made in time for Charlie to make the second practice session. Note: Racing lore has it that if enough people look at a broken part long enough it will fix itself.

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