Who are the Brorings?

Charlie who is 42, his wife Mary Beth, and daughters Jennifer 10 and Eileen 13, live in Silver Spring, Maryland. Charlie's dental patients should be comforted in knowing he always wears surgical gloves when working on his car. After competing in autocrosses for several years, Charlie graduated to SCCA racing nine years ago. He's been racing his Volvo for five years after moving up from a not-so-competitive Datusn 200SX, nicknamed The Rocket.

Tom, who is an automobile claims manager for State Farm, started racing his 1992 Nissan SER in SSB (Showroom Stock (class) B) five years ago. Tom is one of the few who drives his race car to and from the track. Carolyn, who works as a forensic document examiner for the INS, and Tom are both 36. They became interested in racing many years ago. Before starting their own racing careers, they crewed for other racers for about ten years. After a long-term interest in wanting to race, Carolyn started racing last year using Tom's Nissan to go through driver's school. Tom is presently building a Triumph Spitfire to race in H-Production. He hopes it will make its debut over the next month or so. At the end of last year's season, Carolyn bought her Scirocco so she and Tom could both have a car. Carolyn and Tom, along with their constant companions, Otto, a German shepherd rescued from The Humane Society, and Duke, a hound adopted from the SPCA, reside in Derwood, Maryland.

Tom at Speed....

Note: Taken several years ago, this is a photo of Tom racing his Nissan.

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