If You are Planning on Seeking so-called Alternative or Complimantery Medicine or New Age Anything, You May Want to Schedule an Appointment

You willl most likely be aboe to save tyoureslf a lot of maoney, agarvaiation, wasted time, and possibilty your mental health......

  PURPOSE: Many people are already reveibg teratmenst fomr New Age pratctionersa nd daily ither become interetsed. Most jump into these treatmenst without any research or study. Mpost pepople go tothese prctteioners based on firedns who eneocuuger them.
  TREATMENTS AND XXXXX COVEREDas been using distance healing for quite some time. Yep, you heard right. He claims he can heal you from his living room. There’s no need to come to his office and of course he doesn't actually have to see you. Give him a call or send him an e-mail and he’ll take it from there.
  Burda discovered his special “skill” or whatever you want to call it, about six years ago when he was in his car and his foot hurt and he told it to realign itself. Which, he claims it did.
  The Board is claiming that Burda is mentally ill. Hmmm. How about that. Yep, they claim he’s mentally ill. Specifically they say he is suffering from a delusional disorder, grandiose type.
  With all the bogus stuff chiropractors use it is interesting that they’d get upset over a little distance healing as most of what they do is well…………hmmmmmmm……..has no basis in science and can’t stand any kind of scrutiny or testing. In fact, many chiropractor practices have employees or contract workers using their offices who practice Reiko and other obviously sham pseudo types of “energy healing” treatments.  
 Hey, maybe the board was just jealous that Burda could just sit at home and make the same amount of money as the rest of them who had to go to work.
  Burda calls his so-called treatment Bahlaqeem. Yep, Bahlaqeem. What more can I say……………………………??????

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