SCCA MARRS IV Races at Summit Point

June 16 & 17, 2001

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All in all, a pretty nice weekend of racing. The weather Saturday during practice and qualifying at times seemed a little ominous; mostly overcast with a few transient light sprinkles. Actually, for the last couple of sessions it was downright dark. Sunday the weather was great, if at times a little warm. No rain. Not overcast. And, as usual, great racing run in a timely manner. And remember folks, if it wasn't for the workers; the flaggers, race control, EMTs, scorers, tech inspectors, communications, stewards, grid marshals, starters, tow truck drivers, and so on, we wouldn't be having these races. My pictures all seem sort of the same. Actually, maybe a little boring? Hmmm. One problem is that I stayed in the same corner for most of the race. Hey, I'm a race fan and you sure can get close in The Carousel. The above photo was taken on the short straight between turns nine and ten. NOTE: For the interesting history of MARRS (Mid-Atlantic Road Racing Series) and how it came about take a look here. (6/25/2001)

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