The Santa Claus Syndrome Or, Why do People Believe Things that Aren’t Real or True?

The Santa Claus Syndrome

Or, Why do People Believe Things that aren’t True?

   Recently I became aware of the truly strange and bizarre world of what’s called Alternative or Complimentary medicine. Most of us have never heard of Applied Kinetheology, Reflexology, Reiko, Crystal Therapy, Magnet Therapy, Aromatherapy, and others; in fact, if we had heard of them at all, we most likely paid little attention or completely ignored them. However, these therapies or treatments, if you will, are sucking most likely billions of dollars from consumers every year. And, even though the information is readily available that few if any provide any type actual benefit, people continue to spend their money on what many refer to as, inert treatments. How can this be explained and who are these people who are spending their money on these bogus treatments? And, what kind person is it who takes advantage of people who are seeking relief from medical, emotional, and psychological problems and ailments.
   I guess the quick explanation is that these people are all poorly educated and ignorant….or, are somehow the victims of cultural mores that are instilled from birth. While this could surely explain why some people seek out the charlatans and quacks in our society it does not explain why reasonably intelligent, educated people, many of whom are in the medical profession, seek these ??things. How can someone continue to pay money for treatments that don’t work and continue to go back for more of the same? This I will try to answer or explain. And, this I will call The Santa Claus Syndrome…believing in what isn’t real. .
   Some might be asking at this point, Who are you to pass judgment on these things that you haven’t experienced? What is your medical training? And, so on? Valid questions. I have an IQ above room temperature and can read, and frankly that’s about all it takes to see though all the mumbo jumbo of these so-called medical alternatives. I have no medical training and will primarily appeal to our common sense and sense of logic. No, not necessarily logic in the formal sense, as I am surely not a philosopher in the true sense of the word. I am sure that my 21 hours of college philosophy surely doesn’t allow me to use the work philosopher anywhere near my name. I guess we’re all philosophers in a sense that we have opinions about life, how to live and so on….and logic to try to figure basic concepts and ideas and to use to make decisions about what to do…and not do…what to buy and so on.
   The skeptics tend to say, that extradinary claims need extraordinary proof. Let’s see what that means? If I say that I can stand flat footed, and without any type of mechanical assistance jump 100 feet straight up, I’d call that an extraordinary claim….and, likewise, the skeptics would say that it would need extraordinary proof. So, what proof would be needed? Pretty simple, do it with onlookers and a method of measuring the height.
   Now this person could respond by saying, Hey, my friend saw me do it. He will tell you. What do you think, I am lying? Hey, I ran track and did the pole vault in college…and so on. Of course, none of these statements prove anything nor do they in anyway validate his claim to being able to jump 100 feet. This is exactly what you find in virtually all of the so-called Alternative Treatments; anecdotal and testimonial statements. Period…absolutely no science.

How Does Jen Chin Wakdork Differ From Other Energy Therapies?

   So that we have a specific Alterative medicine to talk about, I have picked energy healing. OK, folks. Sit back and relax and be amazed.

   While there are many energy therapies out there, Jin Shin Do, Reiko, Body Talk, and many others, including Therapeutic Touch that is used by nurses. Yes, folks. We have nurses using this stuff. Anyway, they all share some basics. They claim that there is a universal life force energy that flows through us…though known by different names, chi is often mentioned. Some of the therapies are quite detailed how all of this works; they talk about meridians, these are paths or channels of sorts that run through our bodies and come use the term charkas. What they all share is the belief or claim that if these energies get blocked they can cause or exacerbate our physical ailments. Yep, that’s what they claim.
   So, now you being treated by one of these healers (yes, they often refer to themselves as healers…hmmmmm). What happens? I think most use a message table…there is an ongoing relationship between this kind of stuff and message schools. Yes, message schools among other teach these things. Sooo, hence the connection with the message table. Ok, you get laid out o n the message table and they check your energy. Your guess is as good as mine on this one. They are checking the amount of energy… that has never been proven to exist. (Hey, it’s going to get better later, you ain’t heard nuthin’ yet!)
   Ok, once they check the energy then they go about unblocking the blockages. One of the best is known as BodyTalk. Yep, BodyTalk. While you’re lying on the massage table they touch you in the area of your solar plexus to let the heart know it’s going to have some energy coming and to straighten up the channels. Yes, read that again. Anyway, after the heart is notified the healer taps you on the top of your head to get the energy flowing. Yes, folks and people pay money for this.
   Jin Shin Do is a little more creative. Yep, they use what they call accupoints. Uhm hmm. You got it. Sort of like acupuncture without the needles. Yes, you have these poi9nt all over your body…and with gentle touching, the blockages are cleared. By the way, some of these therapies and healers not only claim that they unlock you to get your energy flowing…they claim that they can infuse you with energy from themselves. In fact, I think it’s Reiko that claims the healer has an unlimited amount of energy. Therapeutic Touch that the nurses use realigns and gives you energy by merely moving their hands back and forth a few inches above your body.
   Now, some of you now might be saying, Who in the world would believe any of that? Well, folks, there’s most likely a few right in your neighborhood. Seemingly regular people which brings us back to the question of how that happen? Which we’ll talk about shortly. First, let’s look at the claims.
   Here are some of the maladies that these folks say they might be able to help: XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX. While I know little about what constitutes practicing medicines, I would imagine that once you start diagnosing, you have crossed the bounds. When you see ads for these people you will notice they will most likely not say they can cure anything….look for phrasing such as, may help, could help, or maybe throw in some testimonials from people who claimed it did help. Hmmmm.
   Back to what I mentioned earlier. They claim you have an energy that they can’t prove is there….that it gets blocked and will cause medical problems (some claim psychological and spiritual as well) if not unblocked. They claim they can measure this energy that they can’t prove exists…and that further more, they can unblock blockades that they can’t prove exists, and that because of all of this you’ll feel better. How about that, hmmm? How can a rational person seek treatment under these circumstances? And, how does it all start that they would go to one of these people in the first place? And, maybe more importantly, what keeps them going back when nothing ever changes and the conditions to not improve because of the treatments?
   Why Do People Seek Theses Treatments? 1. Some people seek these treatments because of frustration wiuth a medical problem they are battling. Chronic pain is one. They coniture to go to medical doctors and get frustrated as they aren’t satisified with the progress of the doctor to get the pain dopwn. Some people with chronic pain fear becoming addicted to pain medications.
2. And some people start using bogus treatments accidentally. For instance, it would seem that many if not most chiropractors are not satisfied in doing just adjustments…no, they really want to be doctors and for whatever reason didn’t or can’t go to medical school. So, to better control their customers most have branched out; yes, they will do just about anything to put more bucks in their pockets and this energy stuff is a pretty good way. So, some people end up wasting their money because of the recommendation of their chiropractor. 2. 3. 4.
5. Friends who have gone to these healers make recommendations. Hey, boy, my healer has really helped me. Wow, and it doesn’t hurt and you don’t have to take pills. You know, it’s that Eastern stuff that they’ve been practicing for years. You should try it. It’s really helped me with my fill in the blank here arthritis, stomach problems, constipation, and so on.
6. Some people get involved in this energy healing after being exposed to an Eastern religion. It is sort of a natural transition.
7. Many of us have a fascination with Eastern culture: we have been inundated through TV. Movies, and articles about Kung fu, acupuncture, tales of monks levitating, and so on. Plus, we just like magical things. Wouldn’t it be nice if special people could just lie on hands and heal us? Would be, nice…but they can’t folks. Many people who seek these types of treatments have dabbled in astrology, or crystals, magnets, or what have you, and it’s a natural jump from these kinds of beliefs to the energy stuff. After all, if you believe a rock can help you surely it’d be easy to believe that this really cool stuff form the orient could help you. 8.
   What Keeps People Going Back?
   1. Have you ever had a friend recommend a restaurant, movie, book, TV program? Of course. And, human nature being what is, you always want to report back something favorable, regardless of what our experience is.
   The energy healing has its roots in The East and many of us get caught up in the mystic of it all; Kung Fu, acupuncture, Eastern religions, mysticism, and such. Many practioners will say, Gosh, the Chinese or whomever having been healing like this for centuries. Hmmm. But, what proof do they offer.
   One of the ironies of people who seek this type of treatment is that they seemingly never do any research. As I’ve often said, people spend more time on the Internet or reading Consumers Report when they are buying a vacuum cleaner than they do when they seek these alternative treatments.
   Many of them have dabbled in astrology, or crystals, or what have you and it’s a natural jump from these kinds of beliefs to the energy stuff. After all, if you believe a rock can help you surely it’d be easy to believe that this really cool stuff form the orient could help you.

How Often Should You Have a Therapeutic Session?

   We believe that the path to wellness is best obtained by avoiding as many maladies and discomforts as possible. Toward that end, we recommend regularly scheduled sessions so that you can stay healthy. Too often we only seek help when we have a problem.
   Each of us has our individual harmony clocks. Some of us, barring a physical trauma, increased stress, or emotional upset, may do well with a session every two months…for others six weeks, and for some maybe once a month. When you initially visit our clinic we recommend a follow-up in one month and during the follow-up visit we should be better able to determine the optimum therapeutic schedule.


Standard office visit…………………………………… $135
At your residence or business……………….... 250
Twice monthly plan……………………………………....... 215
Note: If you can’t come to the office we can arrange therapy sessions with our telephone practitioners. Please call for rates. Please enquire about group and corporate rates……

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Jen Chin Wakdork tea….box of 20…………………… $ 20
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Training and Certification

For those of you who feel the calling and would like to be Jen Chin Wakdork practitioners, we offer a couple of options, both of which allow you to sit for the Jen Chin Wakdork Boards.

A two year program in basic Jen Chin Wakdork. Classes every weekend. $17,500 annually.

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