September 13, 2001

A Walk Around Downtown Norfolk

After sitting in front of the TV for the better part of two days I felt as though I needed a break. Needed to get out, get away from the TV, get some fresh air. Sometimes I find it relaxing, therapeutic, cathartic, or what-have-you, to just get out with a camera and wander around. Today, decided to go to downtown Norfolk. Thought I'd take some pictures of the flags at half-mast...and any displays, banners, or posters about the WTC.
There didn’t seem to be many people on the fact, went by the USS Wisconsin and Nautilus...few people. Saw only a couple on the Wisconsin.
Saw a good picture. New building under construction, still skeletal, and one on top of the other, going up several floors, there were workmen. Six or seven floors. One workman on every floor positioned exactly on top of the others. Great picture. Looked terrific in the viewfinder...too bad I didn't get it. One of the most frustrating things about photography…see a great picture in the finder…unfortunately, it rarely seems to show up in my pictures. Same thing happened with another shot of a window washer who was several floors up.
Met Zelda. About two years or so ago, in an effort to upscale or enhance the image of Norfolk, goodwill ambassadors were hired. Zelda has been representing the city since the program started. Said she really likes it. They walk the city greeting visitors and tourists and assisting them with information and directions. They work in just about all kinds of weather. If it storms and rains hard they get a little break...and, then back at it as soon as the storm passes. I’m sure she’s a great asset to the folks who hired her and to The City of Norfolk. I think the ambassadors are paid by the merchants association, with maybe a subsidy from the city. I’m not sure. And, it’s not important.

This picture is of Norfolk’s World Trade Center. Took several, but as can be seen, I ended up with a lot of flare. Tried to get the flare out with the scanning software. Obviously, didn't work. I did want a photo of our world trade building and here it is.

Don't know what the firefighters were doing. There surely wasn’t a fire. They seemed to be messing around with the building. Hey, maybe someone needed a ladder?

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