Week Seven

A Lady Looking at a Painting

I took this picture at The Chrysler Museum, Norfolk, Virginia. Yes, I know it is a cliché snap. Yes, I know many photographers have one of these around. Yes, I know this is not an original or unique idea; however, I like this picture. The Chrysler is a terrific place to wander around for a few hours, or a place that you can run in and spend a few minutes at your favorite place. The Chrysler has a nice permanent photography collection as well as terrific photography exhibitions; some I've seen over the past year or so include, Ernest Whithers, James Agee, and Larry Clark. Most of the time it's not crowded and it's a place where you won’t feel rushed. It’s a great place to visit, whether a few minutes or several hours. We’re lucky to have the Chrysler here in Norfolk

Technical: Leica M2, 35mm, Kodak T400CN

February 10, 2001

Week seven alternate photo