Another Photo-A-Week Page for 2001

Weeks One through Twelve

What is this Photo-A-Week stuff? For 2000, Kyle Cassidy who is a member of the Leica Users Group decided he was going to get one good photo a week. Kyle made it for the 52 weeks of 2000 and gave the group a summary of how the project helped his photography. Anyway, it sounded like a good idea and over twenty other folks decided to give it a try for 2001. My friend Eddie and I decided we'd try. So far it's been pretty interesting. Hey, it's one thing to go snap a picture and it's another for it to come out as my mother would say. And, it's still another thing to go out every week and get a good photo. One thing is for sure; you do end up with something every week. (2/12/2001)

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